Calling all international students!

With Loot, students can sign up quickly and easily using either the app or the website. All you need to do this is a government issued photo ID (e.g. driving licence or passport) and an address to send the card to - this can even be your school address, whatever is convenient for you guys. 

This means we don't require anything else: no utility bills, visa documentation or any other forms. We want to make signing up as simple and easy as possible.

Once you've got your account, there are no fees for using the account except a £1 fee for ATM use (so we recommend using our contactless card payment for most things). Despite this, we do still offer two free ATM withdrawals per month from anywhere in the world, just in case you desperately need cash for something 💵.

Your account comes with a sort code and account number, meaning you can make online payments and transfers or even make domestic faster payments from within the app.

The actual card is a MasterCard contactless card, so it'll be accepted everywhere that accepts MasterCard 😃  The card is valid for three years, and there is no minimum stay requirement to open an account.

Loot also lets you receive money from overseas (for when funds are especially low). You can receive up to £15,000 per payment from over 200 countries around the world.

Once you decide to make an Overseas Payment Request, you’ll be provided with a unique link which you can send to anyone in the world! Payments usually take between 1 and 3 days to arrive in your account. For more information on this, see How Do I Receive Money From Abroad?

Any questions? Feel free to message us on the Live Chat feature in the app😊

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