So you've activated your card and you're wondering how to add money to your account? There are two easy ways;

Make a Payment From a UK Bank Account

But, if you need more (‘cos you got all those brunches to buy) you can add up to £15,000 a day via bank payment (though, if brunch is costing you that much, we suggest you have a serious conversation with yourself).

Step One: Log into your account. Once you arrive at the homepage press the button at the top of the page.

Step Two: Here you will find your account number and sort code.

Step Three: Press 'Share' so you can send it to the lucky person who owes you money.

Just a note
: bank payments into your Loot account can take up from 30 - 60 minutes to arrive.

Add Money Using Apple Pay/Android Pay

If you need to add money to your Loot account instantly - yes we actually mean _that_ fast - Loot now lets you add money using Apple Pay or Android Pay! It’s the quickest way to add money without leaving the app and you can add money up to 5 times a week to the total value of £250…we know right?

All you need to get started it to authenticate with Apple Pay or Android Pay using your fingerprint or passcode.

So open the app, press the + button next your balance and Add Money Using Apple Pay/Android Pay

Receive Money from Abroad

We've worked with a partner to open up a number of local bank accounts around the world that allows you to send money to. For instance, we have an account in Hong Kong, which means a family member can send Hong Kong Dollars to that account locally without incurring expensive international bank charges. 

In order to do this, log in to the app on your smart phone (iOS / Android) or through our web app - then click "Add Money" and then click "Overseas Payment Request". Here is an article which will show you how complete the process.

This will generate a link which you can use. You'll be shown the exchange rate so they'll know exactly how much they're sending, and exactly how much you will receive.

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