You can use your Loot card at millions of shops, hotels, and bars around the world - look out for the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

Exchange rate

Loot use the Mastercard wholesale rate to convert your pounds into foreign currency, and unlike the big banks, we don't add any fees or charges on top of that 😉

We'll display an estimated price in the local currency along with the cost in GBP. Then in a few days when the transaction settles, your transaction list will display the actual value of your transaction.

The conversion rate is used at the time of the transaction settles, so the value can sometimes fluctuate between the time of transaction and settlement, but it's nothing to worry about! If you'd like to learn more about transactions settling, you can read our article 'So, How Does It Work?'

Limits overseas 

You might be thinking that your limits and card usage might be different whilst you're out of the UK - and you'd be wrong! Loot will give you the same limits regardless of which country you're visiting. You can see all of our fees and limits here.

ATM usage

You can withdraw cash from any ATM machine that accepts Mastercard cards. Just like in the UK, each month you'll get two cash withdrawals for free - and each time after will cost £1.

Though in some countries, ATMs only accept cards by swiping the mag stripe - Loot currently have mag stripe transactions switched off so we (as always) recommend taking an extra card with you whilst travelling.

What if I lose my card?

If you're one of those people that forgets where they put their card, we've got your back. You can easily pause and unpause your card in the Loot app. In the unfortunate case that you actually do lose your card, or it's stolen, you can order a replacement card to be sent to your address back in the UK.

Just a note

If the card terminal gives you the option of the local currency or GBP, you'll always need to choose the local currency - else the merchant can add their own commission! So if you find yourself in sunny Spain, make sure that every transaction is made in Euros (€).

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