Moving is stressful and expensive (we know!). 

Luckily, we've created loads of features to help you manage your money, whilst making it as easy as possible to do things like Report your card as Lost or Stolen. 

If you get unlucky and lose your card, we'll send you your replacement card to whichever address you have stored in the app. So, it's best to make sure that this is always up-to-date and save 'future you' some unnecessary stress.

Just like the rest of the app, we've made this super simple. Head over to the My Card screen in the app and go to your Profile & Settings.

Select Edit as you'll need to, well, update your address.

Once you've done this, click Done, and then Save.

Congrats, you've done it, all saved 👏! Now the only thing left to do is source out your new go-to takeaway 😋.

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